Kate Ryan physio Oxford
Kate Ryan physio Oxford
Kate Ryan physio Oxford




Kate Ryan Physioga is a welcoming, non-judgemental, holistic physiotherapy practice run by Dr Kate Ryan.

Kate offers highly effective treatment for people requiring more than the traditional 10 min chat and generic sheet of exercises.

For example:

1. People who do ‘extra-ordinary’ things with their bodies (e.g. performing artists, athletes, yogis) and need high level rehab to return to peak performance.

2. People who have ‘extra-ordinary’ bodies that need specialist care to feel more comfortable with regular life e.g. those with chronic pain, autoimmune disorders or other long-term conditions.

Kate’s unique background means she is expertly placed to help people in either group. She has specialist training in circus medicine, pro sport rehab, along with more holistic methods such as therapeutic yoga. Kate also has the lived experience of healing herself from a long-term condition, and her empathy and warmth make the physiotherapy process comfortable for everybody.

Kate Ryan physio Oxford

I moved to Oxford in 2007 to start my DPhil and have lived here on and off ever since. I love the diversity of the city and the great sense of community. I’m passionate about helping people get back to doing the activities they love and it’s a privilege to serve the Oxford community in this way.

– Kate Ryan, Owner

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