Gourdans Steak Frite Oxford
Gourdans Steak Frite Oxford
Gourdans Steak Frite Oxford


Opening Times

Wed & Thurs: 5 pm – 10 pm

Fri & Sat: 12 pm-10 pm

Sun: 12 pm – 5 pm (reservations only)



Established and serving Steak Frites since 2015 locally in Oxford and around the UK from our Renault Estafette mobile kitchen that Matt & Christina still travel with, catering at private, corporate and public events.

Since September 2020 they opened their little restaurant in St Clements, Oxford; continuing to provide a carefully selected range of speciality British beef steaks, matured in house served with Belgian frites, complimented with a range of house sauces. Their expanded menu offers well sourced produce to create classic dishes inspired by their love of food. Daily baked bread and day boat fish from the south coast, can be enjoyed with a variety of plant-based plates of European influence, prepared on hot coals to provide a subtle and distinctive flavour. Their small but punchy wine list has a great selection encompassing some great old-world makers as well as showcasing some that are far less known, all served by the glass, so you don’t have to buy a whole bottle to try them. Presented in a warm and inviting environment for a unique, comfortable in house dining experience, with takeaway and delivery options available.

Gourdans Steak Frite Oxford

Since starting the business we have navigated our way within the street food scene, meeting like minded individuals running their own ventures. The driving force is the autonomy it provides, along with the challenges faced in problem solving and being responsible for the outcomes. Having nurtured and grown our business to a point where we had to make a decision on how far to take it, we bit the bullet and made up our minds prior to the pandemic to step into the restaurant world, more as a now, or never resolution. Due to the pandemic, the restaurant softly launched in between lockdowns, having been encouraged and motivated by the short time frame available to be fully open with our dine in experience, we then took the opportunity to develop our takeaway offering from the restaurant in November. We feel we have grown in Oxford and are nevertheless delighted that despite the lockdown and the crisis within the industry that we are in a location we had always wanted to be in and have created a space we love to showcase our menu, remaining as optimistic as possible for the future.

– Tina Jeffery, Owner


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