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Foodylicious is all about innovative new food & drink products delivered direct to peoples homes in Foodylicious boxes. You can also find Foodylicious at a wide range of UK food & drink festivals. One of their ranges are the “compostable” Nespresso compatible coffee pods from the Eden Project, which contains premium great tasting coffee that doesn’t damage the environment.

Simon and the team pride themselves on being an ethical & sustainable business, and this philosophy runs through everything they do from their food products to recycled stand and boxes.

Find out more about Foodylicious on their website.

Foodylicious Oxford

At Foodylicious we love working with innovative businesses both locally and further afield which are also environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. After 30+ years working and launching many leading edge food & drink brands in the UK, it is great to take that experience and to help to develop smaller organisations in order to put something back into the community. We also love being in Oxford due to its vibrancy and it being a real centre of innovation. The location, in the centre of the country is ideal for us and as the owner I came for a year, fell in love with the place, and have stayed for more than 20+ years now.

– Simon Rees Collison, Owner

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