Earth Ale Brewery Oxfordshire
Earth Ale Brewery Oxfordshire
Earth Ale Brewery Oxfordshire




Earth Ale is an artisanal microbrewery based at Bothy Vineyard. They brew seasonal, small-batch beers, inspired by natural and foraged ingredients, like elderflower, spruce tips, hogweed, pineapple weed and more.

With roots in Michelin kitchens around the world, they’re passionate about using quality ingredients and bringing people together around a table. They use ancient and modern fermentation techniques to create beers that are worthy of pairing with good food and moments worth sharing.

Earth Ale Brewery Oxfordshire Alex Lewis

I was brought up in Oxfordshire and this is really where I first discovered a love of food, beer and nature, so it’s great to be back here and brewing. We used to brew in North London and sometimes we’d come back out to Oxfordshire to go foraging, so it’s awesome to be able to have so many wild ingredients on our doorstep now. We love that there is such a thriving indie business scene out here as well. We love discovering new spots to visit and we’re still discovering them!

– Alex Lewis, Founder

I really love their ale and that they use foraged and natural ingredients they pick. That’s right up my street. Plus their ale taste so good.

– Ebony Gheorghe, Owner of Nettles & Bees

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