Nikki Shields Designs Like These
Designs Like These
Nikki Shields Designs Like These




Graphic design services. When words alone are not enough, add graphic style to look and feel awesome. Design is proven to increase engagement and ultimately sales. Up your game and make your products or services look professionally designed. Make it look seriously confident or inspiringly different. Make it fizz with excitement or be appropriately academic. Attract your audience with a brilliant design style.

Nikki Shields Designs Like These

I love working with product businesses; becoming part of the team to develop branding and packaging design. It’s great to see business owners feel proud of their products.

It’s wonderful for the team to get feedback from customers such as “we love the colours and design”. Of course, design is the icing on the cake after developing a great product. It brings me joy to be a part of creating those products, especially when they are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

I live in Abingdon with my husband and two sons. I love to paint, grow veg and enjoy the outdoors.

– Nikki Shield, Owner

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