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Collaborent is a small consultancy working across all sectors focused on bringing people and organisations together to address local social and environmental challenges. Helping charities to become more enterprising and financially sustainable, supporting social enterprise and helping companies become more purposeful and to have more positive social and environmental impact.

As public sector funding is reduced, opportunities are opened up to develop new, powerful and creative collaborations to help achieve local strategic objectives, working with local authorities, universities and the Local Enterprise Partnership.

Check out Grant on the Indie Oxford podcast, S2 E10.

Grant Hayward Collaborent Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire has one of the strongest economies in the UK but still faces significant social and environmental challenges and has significant pockets of deprivation. If there is anywhere that can make a local economy work for everyone, by harnessing the incredible people we have here, it’s Oxfordshire.

– Grant Hayward, Founder & Director

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