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Created by two mums, Bunny and Bear Designs, is a colourful childrenswear brand promoting fun and inclusivity. They feel passionate that childrenswear not only needs to be hard-wearing and comfortable, but also needs to be fun and not impose societal expectations. Using their illustrating talents, they design in-house and free-sew unique t-shirts with bold colours featuring animals and fabrics that allow kids to be kids. Each item is unique and handcrafted, promoting the idea that it’s not about perfection or expectation, but about who you are and who you want to be.

Bunny and Bear Oxford

We’re devoted to creating clothing that doesn’t pigeonhole children and we get a kick out of seeing children wearing and passing on our unique colourful designs to the next in line. We love being based in Oxford because it is so jammed packed full of interesting people, difference, acceptance and exciting opportunities!

– Bethanie Bhasin, Co-Owner

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