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Bearded Viking Drinks create delicious world class cocktails that are then lovingly poured into stylish bottles, ready to drink where ever you are! The team has spent years honing their skills in the innovative and renowned Melbourne cocktail and craft beer-scene, complementing it with strong scientific backgrounds, including PhDs in chemistry and physics, and diplomas in flavour analysis. Each drink is carefully developed to give you the perfect balance of flavours and designed to treat you to the authentic cocktail bar experience any time you want.

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High-quality cocktails are usually only available in specialised cocktail bars, and building a diverse home bar that covers all the bases is both expensive and time-consuming. As lovers of great cocktails, we ran into this issue whenever we wanted to turn our gin and whiskies into cocktails at home, so we decided to set up Bearded Viking Drinks to enable people to have those exquisite cocktail experiences at home without having to invest in niche liqueurs and bitters.

Our absolute favourite part is seeing how many people buy our drinks as gifts, asking us to add lovely notes to their order. It’s amazing to know that we help people connect and that our hard work turns into bottles of joy for people all over the country.

– Mathias Rothmann, Owner

The Water Lily is delicate and floral, and perfect served straight from the freezer. I was dubious about the rum in the Espresso Martini (I’d always had vodka before) but it worked really well and gave a honeyed sweetness. These premixed cocktails are a great end of week treat, and makes lovely gifts too.

– Rosie, Independent Oxford

Rosie Jacobs Indie Oxford
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