A Heart Shaped Cherry Oxfordshire
A Heart Shaped Cherry Oxfordshire
A Heart Shaped Cherry Oxfordshire




A Heart Shaped Cherry is a contemporary crochet brand using recycled and sustainable yarns to design and create a range of joyful hand crocheted gifts, accessories, home wares, crochet kits and patterns.

Nicky, the crochet designer behind AHSC, also enjoys teaching others how to make their own sustainable gifts and experience the stress busting, mindful benefits of crochet. She teaches absolute beginners and up, both in workshops and one to one lessons.

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A Heart Shaped Cherry Oxfordshire

I love the process of designing and hand making useful, treasured items using textile waste (saving it from landfill); and witnessing that proud moment when someone finishes their first successful crochet project.

– Nicky Ward, Owner

I really resonate with Nicky from A Heart Shaped Cherry and her strong values of sustainability using textile waste while producing beautiful crochet creations. I have also had the pleasure of recently joining one of her workshops and it was great to learn more about her art!

– Maria Lopez, Owner at Loga Candle Co

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