7Kites Bicester Oxfordshire
7Kites Bicester Oxfordshire
7Kites Bicester Oxfordshire




7Kites is all about giving your business an unfair advantage by helping you grab your buyer’s attention. 7Kites help you connect with your customers through interactive promotional marketing techniques such as competitions, coupons, cash backs, guarantees.

After over 15 years of working with global brands, Chris now helps smaller, sustainable businesses deploy effective and instantly accountable marketing without the need for big brand budgets. If you want to share your current sales challenges with him, he can build a strategy to meet those challenges using only the most appropriate customer engagement techniques. Together you and Chris will agree how you will measure the success of the activity, and only then do you decide whether or not to go ahead.

Here are Chris’ 7 top tips to promote your business on the Independent Oxford blog.

7Kites Bicester Oxfordshire

When I left corporate world in 2019, I decided I wanted to work more locally, to properly connect with my county of Oxfordshire. I wanted to apply the big brand experience I had to independent businesses so I could help them thrive in their local markets. I’m lucky that Oxfordshire is packed with adventurous people and a thriving artisanal community which makes my life all the more interesting with new challenges every day!

– Chris Baldwin, Owner


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