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Who are we?

Set up in March 2015, we are passionate about supporting the growing community of independent businesses in Oxfordshire, and are on a mission to create a world where everyone values local. Our counties indie businesses are the beating heart of our communities, and make our towns, villages and high streets colourful, vibrant and diverse.

Why support indie?

Oxfordshire’s indies (and all indies!) reflect the places we live, our cultures and our interests and they make us different. We want people to know the alternatives to the nationwide high street stores and make considered, well-meaning purchases that last.

Through supporting independents you’re supporting the local economy and the money you spend at an independent directly helps support that person’s livelihood. You’re supporting local people’s jobs, funding innovation, and investing in your community.

There are great businesses just down the road that will greet you by name, and online shops that will deliver your order by bike and at a time that’s convenient to you. We want you to discover them!

How is Independent Oxford helping? 

First and foremost by spreading the word. Our directory is a comprehensive, ever growing list of hundreds of indies in Oxfordshire.

Through the directory, the blog and social media we tell the stories behind these indies and the people who brought them in to being.

As well as this, Independent Oxford has built and continues to build a community of independents who collaborate, encourage and support each other through what can sometimes be a challenging and lonely journey.

How can I get involved?

  1. Check out our Directory to discover your new favourite independent businesses.
  2. Use and browse #IndieOxford on social to spread indie love and support.
  3. Consciously consume and adapt your shopping habits.
  4. Get to know your local businesses. Indies nurture community and relationships, and we want you to be part of that.
  5. If you are an indie, join our community and become an Indie Oxford member.


Anna Munday

Why Independent Oxford?

While working as Marketing Manager for the Old Fire Station a number of years ago, I noticed a gap for a one-stop website that told people about the independents in Oxford, and community to match. In other cities, there’s a “quarter” or “lanes” and a clear group that supports each other. But in Oxfordshire, it’s spread out and, when Rosie and I started, there was no community for sharing, support and collaboration. Thankfully there is now!

Though my various jobs over the years I’ve also seen that there’s a need to constantly adapt what you offer. In today’s fast paced society, people and businesses need to diversify and I truly love seeing how indie businesses do that through varying their offer, throwing events into the mix or changing up the way they communicate with their customers. That’s what makes this project so special – we’re constantly working with creative, enthusiastic people who truly give it their all.

Favourite Indies?

How do you pick when we work with so many?! New member May & Co’s for lust worthy (and eco-friendly) vintage finds, Jericho Design House for her beautiful patterns and Bicycle Blooms for her stunning creations!

What are you up to when you’re not Independent Oxford-ing?

As well as Independent Oxford, I’m a marketing freelancer for arts organisations and retail businesses. So if you’ve got marketing related questions, give me a shout!

Outside of work, I’m entertaining Meggie my baby daughter (and two very lazy Ragdoll cats), going for long walks as a family, baking and attempting to be green fingered (though the greenhouse looked like something from a horror film last year so fingers crossed for this summer!)

Oh, and reigning in some of Rosie’s crazy plans!

Rosie Jacobs

Why Independent Oxford?

Anna and I started Independent Oxford in 2015, as we felt strongly about the benefits of supporting local businesses (and still do!), and creating a community for indies to get support. We both run indies ourselves and felt a real need for this, so thought others would too! We have a real focus on our vision to provide an authentic, highly engaging and dependable website for you to discover the brilliant members we have across Oxfordshire, and share our mission to create real social change by showing the value of buying local. We’re really passionate about encouraging people to invest in their local economy and community. Each Indie Oxford member helps us to realise our mission, and supports our work to put the local economy on the map.

I’m passionate about building strong communities, and using the digital world to support that.

Favourite Indies?

I love so many local indies: Fairtrade St Michaels for the amazing range in their shop, The Missing Bean for great coffee, Pompette for incredible food and The Garden for plants and of course my Dad’s incredible Warborough Honey!

What are you up to when you’re not Independent Oxford-ing?

I am not a very still person so I’m always on the go! I am always coming up with new ideas for Independent Oxford (Anna has to reign me in!) My key skills are business planning, trend forecasting, product development and market analysis, and I love working with small businesses to help them achieve their goals. I also work for OSEP on the eScalate programme which supports purposeful businesses, social enterprises and charities in Oxfordshire, and I also support Good Food Oxford as part of their Oxford City Steering Group.

When I’m not busy with all things indie, I love running, cycling around Oxford, reading, festivals, spending time with friends and family, and curling up with our cats Tom and Allen.

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