8 Leading Women in Sustainability

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On the blog today, Eloise Webb from Oxford start up, Oxwash, shares 8 Leading Women in Sustainability for International Women’s Day. 

It’s International Women’s Day so I wanted to share some leading women that are taking climate matters into their own hands. From fashion to the corporate world, here is who we appreciate for their key contributions to environmental efforts.  >>

Greta Thurnberg

1. Greta Thurnburg – Climate Youth Activist and Time’s Person of the Year

By now, most should be familiar with Greta Thurnburg. At only 18 Greta has become one of the most influential women of her generation. Known for her meme worthy responses to Donald Trump, to moving speeches at leading conferences. Forbes listed her on their 30 under 30 social entrepreneurs. She became a notable figure when she skipped school to protest for the environment by holding up a sign saying ‘school strike for the environment’. Greta was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and named Time’s Person of the Year.

Audrey Choi

2. Audrey Choi – CMO and CSO, Morgan Stanley

Audrey spent some time as domestic policy adviser to Vice President Al Gore and as Morgan Stanley’s first ever CSO, she is responsible for promoting the idea of global sustainability through capital markets.

Audrey was a domestic policy adviser to Vice President Al Gore for some time and was Morgan Stanley’s very first CSO, as such she is responsible for promoting the idea of global sustainability.

“We believe that a truly sustainable business is financially, as well as environmentally and socially, sustainable”.

Victoria Prew

3. Victoria Prew – Co-Founder and CEO of HURR

Hurr is looking to reinvent our wardrobes to more sustainably minded fashion and create a new idea of ownership. HURR has been named one of the world’s “Top 50 retail-tech startups” and the “Airbnb of fashion” by Forbes, disrupting the £21 billion UK fashion industry.

Eileen Fisher

4. Eileen Fisher – Fashion Designer

Eileen Fisher is a leading figure in sustainable fashion and has created a sustainable apparel brand that is fixing the micro-fibre issue. The brand has created an organic and sustainable fibre, it manufactures in the USA, and recycles clothing with its ReNew program. Eileen set a “Waste No More” goal that wants to improve the world rather than take from it.

Eileen Fisher

5. Emma Watson – Model, Actress, Activist

Most will know Emma Watson from her role as Hermione from Harry Potter, however she is now becoming more known for her role as a powerhouse in the environmental and feminist movements. She signed up to the “Green Carpet Challenge” in 2015 which pledged to only wear outfits made by sustainable designers to public media events. She is a clear and defiant voice in the industry that has inspired people globally.

Eileen Fisher

6. Stella McCartney – Fashion Designer

‍Stella McCartney a fashion designer that is world renowned, and her iconic brand has a strong sustainable core value. Her brand has 4 fundamental pillars revolving around the sustainable fashion strategy.

  • Respect for nature: Materials are sourced as sustainably as possible such as cashmere, organic cotton or fibers from the forest.
  • Respect for people: Each person has been taken into consideration, from the farmers who grow the crops in the supply chain to the customer.
  • Respect for animals: Stella McCartney is a vegetarian brand and advocates for cruelty free methods.
  • Circular Solutions: The brand follows the principles of circular fashion by using regenerative and restorative production methods.
Ayesha Barenblat

Ayesha Barenblat – Founder and CEO of Remake

Having over a decade of leadership promoting social justice and sustainability within the fashion industry, Ayesha has founded Remake. Remake is a brand that helps ignite the conscious consumer movement into up-cycling, as it wants to tackle the ever growing issue of over consumption.

“I founded Remake because I truly believe that fashion can be a force for good. How we buy is how we vote. Cheap disposable clothes exploits her, and keeps her trapped in a cycle of poverty. Slow fashion is a way to lift her out of poverty. How will you vote?”

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

8. Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson – Marine Biologist, Policy Expert, and CEO of Ocean Collectiv

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson is a founder of Urban Ocean Lab, a think tank for coastal cities and the founder and CEO of Ocean Collectiv, a consulting firm for conservation. She is also a marine biologist, policy expert and writer. She is heavily involved in science, policy and communication, building a strong community around climate solutions.


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