Yoga & Movement

Orozco Integral Fitness Coaching

General Fitness, Strength & Conditioning for Health and Running Technique Advice to avoid injuries, optimize enjoyment and performance with Noe Orozco, International Performance – Wellbeing Advisor , Multisport Coach and Personal Trainer with 25 years of experience coaching sports, 15 years in the application of mental tools to maximize Human Performance and for over 30 years, has applied Wellbeing practices to enhance physical and mental health.

60 min group sessions – £12 / person

10AM – 12PM – Aug 27th / Aug 28th / Sept 2nd

10AM – 11AM – Aug 29th / Aug 30th

60 min community group fitness classes (FREE)

11AM -12PM Aug 29 / Aug 30

60 min one on one sessions – £40 / person

1PM – 6PM Aug 28th

3:30PM – 5:30PM Aug 30th

Qigong for Wellbeing

This self-nurturing practice is a moving meditation which is gentle and flowing, nurturing an awareness of space and relaxation. It has a positive effect on posture, strength and our connection with the breath. Through its subtle ability to engage with us at a deeper part of ourselves, qigong offers something that is unique not just in its simplicity, but also in its accessibility to all, regardless of level of fitness. Visibly, qigong looks very similar to Tai Chi and offers the same benefits of improved balance and coordination.

60 min class £9 / person

2PM – 3PM Aug 29th

10:30AM – 11:30AM Sept 1st

10AM – 11AM & 5:30PM – 6:30PM Sept 3rd

10AM – 11AM Sept 4th

3PM – 4PM Sept 7th

Kids Yoga

Trial taster session to help introduce kids to yoga and mindfulness while keeping a fun energy.

30 min class – FREE (Donations welcome)

3:30PM – 4PM / 4:30PM – 5PM  Aug 30th / Sept 6th

4:30PM – 5PM / 5:30PM – 6PM Aug 7th

Restorative Yoga – Ayurveda Corner

Relaxing 90 minute yoga session. Laura’s approach to teaching is heavily influenced by self-inquiry, somatic movement, all of the above, and most importantly – her students.   Every student will have their own journey, their own discoveries along the way.  She encourages contact with, and confidence in, the inner voice.

Clothes should be comfortable and easy to move in.

Please bring your own mat and a towel.

90 min class £12 / person

6PM – 7:30PM Aug 26th / Sept 2nd

3:30PM – 5:00PM Sept 4th

Yoga Nidra – Ayurveda Corner

Yoga Nidra is an incredibly profound and transformative practice.  By creating a warm, cosy and safe space, students are able to nestle into a place of comfort and rest, where they are able to simply receive.  Yoga nidra is a practice that guides awareness through the sensations of the body, the movements of the breath and into a state of deep rest.  Experiences are unique to the individual as they travel through their own journeys within, but frequently report feelings of rejuvenation, warmth and a sense of being held.  The nourishing and nurturing qualities of Yoga Nidra are incredibly supportive and all are welcome.

Please bring your own mat and a towel.

60 min class FREE (Donations Welcome)

10AM  – 11AM Sept 6th

9:30AM – 10:30AM Sept 8th

Gentle Yoga & Movement Class – Scarlett Moon

 This class has a focus on yoga as an act of self-care with emphasis on nourishing and nurturing ourselves. A space to tune into your personal needs and where guidance is offered for adapting your yoga practice accordingly. We will use a mixture of slow flow, intuitive movement, yin/restorative poses and guided relaxation practices.

​90 min class – Sliding Scale Payment £10 – 15

Pay on the day

6PM – 7:30PM Aug 30th

11:30AM – 1 PM Aug 31st

2PM – 3:30PM Sept 5th

Pilates w/ Ann Haggar

Our starting point is the physical but my teaching style is influenced by training’s in Mindfulness & breath encourage gentleness & humour to help explore the connection between our mind,breath & our physical ultimate aim is to calm the mind & body with the focus on the breath so that we can rest & recharge enabling us to be more relaxed,healthier & happier with who we are.

Please bring your own mat and a towel.

60 min class £10 / person

7PM – 8PM Sept 3rd

11AM – 12PM Sept 6th

Chair Yoga w/ Ann Haggar

A breath focused session to help calm the mind and in doing so relax the body. The circle radiates out into the everyday.With aim to work with those feeling lonely & isolated & for people experiencing with anxiety & depression. A sharing seated circle working for people with chronic conditions &long term health problems.

90 min class – FREE (Donations welcome)

4PM – 5:30PM Sept 5th

12PM – 1:30PM Sept 6th

Creativity Workshops

Creative Writing for Mental Health

Creative writing for mental health workshops with a range of exercises/activities including quickwrites, object writing, and writing based on touch and sound walks around the space.

60 min workshop – £3 / person

1:30PM – 2:30pm Aug 31st / Sept 7th

12PM – 1PM Sept 1st / Sept 8th


Bee Awareness Talk

A one hour session to illustrate the beekeeping year, covering an introduction to the Honey Bee, modern, and not so modern, Beekeeping, including honey extraction, and what we can do to help all bees and pollinators. If you would like to know more about Beekeeping as a hobby, or would like to know what you can do to help, this workshop is designed for you.


7:30PM – 8:30PM Aug 29th

Creative Awakening w/ Merlin Porter

Explore the ways we can connect, inspire and nourish ourselves and our community through a range of mixed media arts and processes. From sketching/painting to small sculptures/installations we will approach our creativity with both mindfulness and curiosity. All levels welcome.

60 min workshop – £10 / person

11:45AM – 12:45PM Sept 5th

5:15PM – 6:15PM Sept 6th

Fermentation Workshop

Learn how to ferment your own veggies and make delicious fermented beverages (non-alcoholic). In this workshop we will talk about the benefits of fermented food for health and wellbeing and your fantastic microbiome. We will taste some pickled veggies, sauerkraut, kombucha and ginger beer. And make some sauerkraut and ginger bugs to take home. You will also get a piece of kombucha scoby! A great way to taste and learn about the wonders of fermented food.

Bring at least 3 jars

120 min workshop – £7 / person

4PM – 6PM Sept 1st

Drumming for Wellbeing

Drumming together for all ages (6+). Drumming is a ancient healing practice which we have lost in our Western culture. We can rediscover it by looking for inspiration from other cultures, i.e. West Africa, the home of the Djembe drum. Drumming connects us to others and to ourselves. It releases energy, fosters creativity and inspiration and it gives us a joyful sense of achievement in a team. For families drumming together across the generations it is a wonderful tool to spend quality time together and to share the learning journey.

60 min class – Adult £8 / Child (under 15) £5

1PM – 2PM Sept 5th


Physical Therapy

Holistic Health Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the most popular forms of complementary medicine in the UK.  It is used for a wide range of conditions, often with excellent results.  It is most useful for recent conditions, such as aches and pain, stress, headaches and more.  Some have also found it to be very useful for calming and relaxing the mind and overall wellbeing.

One to One 60 min Session – Sliding Scale Payment £20-30

Pay on the day

2PM – 6PM Aug 29th / Sept 5th

Group 60 min Session (4 people) – £16.50 / person

1PM – 5PM Aug 26th / Sept 2nd


Dietary & Nutritional Guidance

Nutrition & Dietary guidance including physiological testing; looking at individual biomarkers such as visceral and subcutaneous fat, muscle mass, bone (kg), physiological age and BMI, using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) and BP monitors. Exercise and Mobility support in 1:1 Nutrition Consultations.

One to One 30 min Session – £30

10AM – 1PM Aug 25th / Aug 30th / Aug 31st / Sept 1st / Sept 2nd

Group Consultation 60 min Session – £12 / person

3:30PM – 4:30PM Aug 29th

1:30PM – 2:30PM Sept 1st

12PM – 1PM Sept 3rd

Ayurvedic Massage – Ayurveda Corner

An Ayurvedic Massage begins with a short consultation in which the individual’s doshic imbalance (Vikruti) is determined.  Base and therapeutic oils are then selected according to the client’s particular needs.  During the massage, pressure is placed on the specific marma (vital) points located throughout the body.  This acts to balance the three body humors – Vata, Pitta, Kapha.  Some treatments also incorporate the use of Pinda Sweda (heated packs of rice and herbs) and chakra-balancing techniques.  These unique methods help to cleanse, rejuvenate, strengthen and heal the body.

One to One 60 min Session – Sliding Scale Payment £30 – 45

Pay on the day

1PM – 5PM Aug 26th

2PM – 6PM Aug 29th / Sept 4th


Deep Tissue Massage & Manipulation – Nicola Plested

Musculo-skeletal specialist of many years experience. Treating: Back pain, neck & shoulder pain, headaches. Deep soft-tissue massage & manipulation. Relaxation massage with aromatherapy oils.

One on One 60 min session – £60

3PM – 7PM Aug 27th

2PM – 6PM Sept 4th



Natalie Lockyer Life Coaching

What’s on your bucket list? – how to find your passion, values and what’s holding you back in one quick exercise

30 min (one to one) – £15 – 25

Discovery session: Less structure, more freedom to coach on one topic of your choosing and shift from inaction to unstoppable action and a plan.

60 min (one to one) £20 – 35

All sessions available:

1PM – 6PM  Aug 28th

7PM – 8:30PM Aug 29th

1PM – 8PM Sept 2nd

1PM – 4PM Sept 3rd

10AM – 12PM Sept 4th / 6th

OSARCC Drop – In Information Session
(Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre)

OSARCC are a feminist organisation committed to supporting survivors of sexual abuse, rape, domestic abuse, and harassment. They offer a free and confidential service to women and girls who are dealing with the effects of sexual violence, and to anyone who is supporting them.

This is a drop in informational meeting for newly referred service users or women interested in accessing support.


1:30PM – 3:30PM Sept 4th

Mindfulness in Oxford Taster Session

A friendly, interactive 1.5 hour session suitable for complete beginners introducing the main principles and practice of mindfulness, plenty of time for questions.

90 min class – FREE (Donations welcome)

10AM – 11:30AM Sept 5th

1:30PM – 3PM Sept 6th

11:30AM – 1PM Sept 7th

11AM – 12:30PM Sept 8th

Kirtan Sound Meditation – Yoga Society

Kirtan is the yoga of sound. A meditation practice where we sing beautiful chants as a way of connecting back to our hearts. We chant mantras and I play the harmonium (a gorgeous Indian instrument) and drum as we chant and sing together. Absolutely everyone is welcome, you certainly don’t need to be a singer.

60 min class – FREE (Donations welcome)

6PM – 7PM Aug 29th

Sounding Circle – Resonate Yoga

Exploring sound and voice as a spiritual practice.

120 min class – £5 – 12 (Sliding Scale)

Pay on the day

6:30PM – 8:30PM Aug 6th

Mum’s The Word 

Creativity & Self Care Workshop

Group workshop for young mothers. We beleive strongly that art is one of our most powerful tools for social engagement with physical and mental well-being. Our mission at Mum’s The Word is to empower women to feel confident, brave, creative and whole in their lives.

150 min workshop – Sliding scale £15 – 20

Pay on the Day

2PM – 4:30 PM Aug 27th / Sept 3rd

One to One Coaching

Well-being coaching sessions offering compassionate active listening and self care support. We are passionate about how we look after mothers in society and are excited to nurture and cater for them.

60 min session  – Sliding Scale £20-40

Pay on the Day

10AM – 1PM Aug 27th / Aug 29th / Sept 3rd / Sept 5th


Linden Chocolate Wellbeing Talk

Linden Chocolate Lab shares their broad experience with healthy life style and the willingness to change things rather than taking them for granted, can designed to a nice open lecture about healthy life style, chocolate, and what’s in between.

60 min talk – FREE (Donations Welcome)

7:30PM – 8:30PM Aug 28th / Aug 30th


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