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While coffee needs no introduction, my name is Rose of Where Goes Rose and I’m excited to be guest blogging for Independent Oxford. I’m beginning my career here the way I do every day, and that’s with coffee…

Being tasked with seeking out Oxford’s best indie coffees has torn me away from my habit of only frequenting the cafe next to my office. While I love caffeine at my fingertips, I believe one of the best things about Oxford is the hidden gems and local businesses tucked beneath the dreaming spires.

As you may or may not know, Oxford and coffee go way back to 1637 when a Greek scholar brought coffee beans to Balliol College. This was pretty momentous as it’s thought to be the very first brewing of coffee in England – it makes sense that we’re still ahead of the game today!

So, in no particular order, here are my favourite indie Oxford coffees…

The Missing Bean, Turl Street

Taking inspiration from the streets of Sydney, the Missing Bean describes its style as ‘Antipodean’. While I needed Google to tell me that was a style of Australian art, I only needed my taste buds to tell me how good the coffee was. There’s a definite buzz inside the Missing Bean and since it’s a Wi-Fi free zone, it’s a chatty hang out which looks out onto pretty Turl Street. My camera went wild and so did my Instagram…


Colombia Coffee Roastery, the Covered Market

A newcomer to Oxford’s coffee scene, this South American-inspired cafe eased my incurable case of wanderlust for about an hour. As it was 28 degrees outside I ordered my coffee with ice last week, and ONLY because it was Friday (let’s humour me for two minutes) I treated myself to a lemon muffin which was all goey and amazing inside. Better yet, I flicked through a book on Colombian coffee and left full of knowledge and caffeine. Isn’t that what Oxford was founded on?

Jericho Coffee Traders, High Street

I challenge anyone to walk past Jericho Coffee Traders and not be coerced in by the coffee aroma wafting out of door. There’s something they’re even better at than wafting however, which is brewing rich, flavoursome coffee drizzled with pretty foam patterns. The staff are also super friendly and I ended up chatting so much I was late for work. Disclaimer: if my boss is reading this, that was a JOKE.


Crisis Skylight Cafe at the Old Fire Station, George Street

What could be better than coffee? Coffee with a conscience, as this local venture partnered with homelessness charity, Crisis, proves. The interior is decorated with funky splashes of red in tune with the fire station theme and the coffee really hits the spot. They also serve hearty meals with plenty of veggie options. A winner all round!

Society Cafe, St Michaels Street

The coffee at Society Cafe is both smooth and Instagrammable – what more could you want? (If a private jet and a million pounds, I totally hear you). Whether you’re catching up with friends or enjoying a few moments of me-time, Independent Oxford officially loves Society Cafe. Even connoisseurs are bound to be in caffeine heaven as the guest blends from around the world change every week – possibly like Independent Oxford’s bloggers after all the terrible jokes I’ve made in this post!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and I’ve inspired you to get creative with your coffee. See you next time!


P.S. (note from Anna) Did you know you can find these cafes, coffee houses and more in the Indie Oxford Compendium?

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