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As you know at Independent Oxford, we are super passionate about the indie businesses in our fabulous city. Through this passion we are eager to spread the word about these amazing businesses and engender a community of indies to support each other.

Why shop indie? Well, we’re supporting craftspeople, experts in their fields, and people who care absolutely 100% about what and why they’re doing it. What you get from an indie, we know whole heartedly, is more genuine.

By shopping and eating locally, you’re actively supporting someone’s livelihood and their family, as well as the local economy. Through this, you’re also helping to fuel a community that thrives by supporting and investing in each other’s successes.

This is a community of passionate people that want to break from high turnover consumerism to encourage us to buy less, but buy better; every card, candle or coffee purchased makes a difference.

Over the last 2 years we have built up our wonderful online directory and blog, as well as creating business meet ups, instameets and markets for companies and indie supporters alike.

This year, to further spread the indie love, we are teaming up with Jacqui and Becca at Bitten Oxford to bring you The Independent Oxford Compendium! It’s a carefully curated A5 book featuring some of the best indie businesses in the city, with beautiful images and informative descriptions.

Oxford has so many independent shops, eateries, cafes and businesses that deserve to be seen by as many people as possible, and we believe that a lovely guide is the way to reach locals, students and tourists in our city.

Our aim is simple, and the lay out is clear and informative.

  •  Each business will have it’s own full page with vital details simply and clearly laid out.
  • Indie businesses will be easy to find as the guide will be sectioned into easy to find geographical areas. For example: City,
    Centre, Jericho, Cowley Road, etc.
  • The Compendium is being created by people who love and know their city and its independents. Our aim is to support the businesses in the city that we know and love, we have kept costs really low as we know how important the bottom line is to each and every indie.
  • As part of package each business will get 50 copies to give away to customers to help spread the word, and then top up with further copies which can be sold at £3.50.

Here’s an example of how the lay out will look, including images, information about the business, why we love it and contact information.

Annie Sloan

The book will also have a section about the benefits of supporting indies, beautiful hand drawn maps, and index so you can easily find what your looking for.

Cowley Map

The cost to be involved in the directory is just £100. We’re charging just enough to cover the printing cost and have managed to keep costs low by working with local printer Bounce, who are also passionate about supporting local indies.

So, to help spread the word about the book, here’s what we have planned:

  • Print 10 k copies to last 1 year.
  • Hold a fabulous launch party to celebrate the Compendium.
  • Promote the Compendium to our combined social media channels.
  • Distribute the guides to hotels, the tourist information centre and other prominent locations in the city.
  • Work with press and influencers to help spread the word about Oxford’s awesome indies.
  • Promoting the Compendium at our events, Bitten Street, The Oxford Food & Drink Festival and the Independent Oxford Christmas Market.

Want to be part of this exciting new way to market your business? Simply drop us an email and we’ll let you know what information we need. The closing date to get involved is the end of March.

Indie lovers, if you know a great business you’d love to see listed please get in touch and spread the word about this amazing opportunity to support our awesome indies.

If you’re an Oxford business and want to meet us and ask any questions, we’re having a drop in business meet up about the Compendium next Thursday at Pint Shop. Feel free to come along and join us for a drink!

Together we can put Oxford on the indie map, create a happier home-grown community, and stronger local economy.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Indie Oxford Compendium coming to your favourite independent this year!

Rosie and Anna


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  • Maxim Parr-Reid


    Could I get a copy of this compendium for Trinity College JCR?

    I noticed a copy of this compendium while visiting the Handle Bar cafe and think it’d benefit from having a copy in Trinity JCR.

    If you’d like to pidge me a copy at Trinity College Porter’s Lodge I can put it in the JCR

    Maxim Parr-Reid

    • Rosie Jacobs

      Hi! Yes sure I’ll drop one off for you. Best, Rosie

  • P aul Hart

    Hello Girls,

    Have I missed it?

    Is there a link on the page to buy the book? Or Would it be a good idea to have one on? (Please not to Amazon).



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  • […] And so the Indie Oxford Compendium was born – a curated guide to all our favourite independent places to eat, drink and shop in Oxford. Find out more about it over on Independent Oxford. […]

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