Indie Oxford Interview: Jericho Studio Pottery

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For the 1st in a series of interviews with some of our Indie Oxford members, I spoke to Hannah Shipway, the creative craftswoman behind Jericho Studio Pottery to find out why she started, what’s her inspiration and how the Independent Oxford community has helped her along the way.

Tell me about your business & why you decided to start Jericho Studio Pottery

Jericho Studio Pottery is very much in its fledgling stage. It’s been a life-long ambition of mine to be a professional potter, despite having worked in education for many years. I was only very recently  able to set up a studio where I can dedicate all my time to creating unique functional pottery.

Jericho Studio PotteryWhat is your ideal work environment and how does that help you tap into your creative flow?

My studio is in my garden and I work best when it is filled with sunlight. I switch on Radio Four when I go in to wedge and weigh up the clay, and then I put on music when I am throwing pots. If I am making a lot of small things, it tends to be lively stuff, but when I make big pieces, calm music helps me focus to ensure they don’t flop!

Jericho Studio PotteryHow does the Indie Oxford community help you and your business?

Independent Oxford has been my main route into getting local people to know about my pottery. It’s a really supportive and friendly community that makes Oxford an even better place.

Tell me about your proudest achievement through running Jericho Studio Pottery

A pottery studio is, technically, a very challenging thing to set up and run on your own, so I think my proudest moment was opening the kiln after the first firing and seeing that my pieces – and I – had survived!

Jericho Studio PotteryWhat is the most frustrating aspect of what you do?

Making pottery is an expensive process and so it will be a while before I actually make any money from Jericho Studio Pottery.

Jericho Studio PotteryHow would you describe your personal style and what are your style influences?

My style is led by ensuring that pieces have a simple beauty stemming from perfect function. I’m influenced by the traditions of studio pottery, especially the 20th century Cornish potters.

Jericho Studio PotteryLastly, what are your favourite Indies in Oxford?

There are so many lovely Indies in Oxford! I especially love A Rosie Life Store, Turl Steet Kitchen, The Missing Bean and Indigo.

You can find Hannah’s gorgeous pottery at local fairs and markets or contact her to arrange a viewing.

If you would like to become an Indie Oxford member, you can contact us here.

Love, Rosie xxx

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