Jericho Julyfest 2019 @ Little Clarendon Street
Jul 21 @ 1:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Jericho Julyfest 2019 @ Little Clarendon Street | England | United Kingdom

After an overwhelming turnout to Mayfest, we are proud to announce our next event on Sunday 21st of July!

Lots of food, drink and entertainment!

Indie Oxford Meet Up @ Silvie
Jul 24 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Indie Oxford Meet Up @ Silvie | England | United Kingdom

Join us for this relaxed meet up for a chance to chat to other indies, ask questions and get support and encouragement to keep on keeping on with you awesome ideas and businesses! Our speaker will be Phil Cockayne from Marshes Accountants who will be covering MTD – “Making Tax Digital”, which will eventually affect all businesses so is a really important subject to find out about. The short talk will include:

– a brief overview of MTD for VAT;

– a more detailed overview of MTD for Income Tax, when it is likely to come into effect, and what the practical requirements for small businesses are, and (if it’s OK);

– promoting cloud based accounting apps (such as Xero) as a solution to the requirements of MTD

Brush Pen Lettering Workshop @ The Kidlington Centre, Unit 11
Jul 27 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Brush Pen Lettering Workshop @ The Kidlington Centre, Unit 11 | England | United Kingdom

Why not come join me for a morning of brush lettering at Artisans of Oxford, a new creative pop up shop in Kidlington. The class will be hosted by me, Illyahna Johnson of illyboodesigns.

This workshop is a fun introduction for those interested in calligraphy, using pens and brushes, instead of nibs and ink. This form of calligraphy is quick, simple, can be done anywhere and gives you more creative license with your lettering.

The 2 hour workshop will include:

  • An introduction on how to use your calligraphy tools
  • Warm up exercises and practice strokes
  • Forming individual letters
  • Developing your own alphabet in your own style
  • Creating words and phrases

It’s hands on and practical, with lots of one-to-one support offered throughout. I aim to give you lots of practical tips to take your creative lettering to new heights.

As part of the workshop you’ll receive the below, which are yours to keep, to help get you started!

  • Tombow duel brush pen
  • Practice booklet

Light refreshments will be available.

The Oxford Artisan Distillery 2nd ANNUAL PARTY @ The Oxford Artisan Distillery
Jul 27 @ 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
The Oxford Artisan Distillery 2nd ANNUAL PARTY @ The Oxford Artisan Distillery | England | United Kingdom

Celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of The Oxford Artisan Distillery (TOAD) on Saturday, July 27th at Old Depot Distillery at the top of South Park.

Get to see the distillery (see the progresss), meet the team, taste maturing Rye Whiskey from the Cask (it is amazing) and have a wonderful day out.

There will be talks (re Our Whiskey, Our Heritage Grain and Stills), tastings, complimentay DIY cocktail, great music, paid bars and food stalls, tractors and children’s activities – please bring along the whole family!

The party will start at 12pm and continue throughout the day (fingers crossed for some of Oxford’s finest weather).

As a big thank you to everyone who loves TOAD, we will be opening a cask of our maturing Rye Whiskey (18 months old so not yet whiskey). Master Distiller Cory Mason will guide you through a tasting and you will have a chance to buy a bottle you have filled from the cask.

Hope to see you all there!


Co-Founder and Managing Director

Honouring Our Sources @ Turl Street Kitchen
Aug 10 @ 10:00 am – 5:30 pm
Honouring Our Sources @ Turl Street Kitchen | England | United Kingdom

This is an up-to-date round up of the known history and current state of research into the foundations and formations of modern yoga, as a way to explore how we relate to ‘expertise’ as an authority for practice.

The past two decades in yoga culture have seen an unprecedented rise in challenges to what we know, and how we know what we know, about the practice. This day will help participants navigate that ongoing uncertainty with greater confidence, honesty and tolerance of the views of others.

Draft Schedule

10.00am – 1.00pm
10mins: Introductions
75mins: History of yoga
15mins: Mini-practice: history
5mins: Comfort break
75mins: Science of yoga
1.00 – 2.00pm Lunch Break

2.00 – 5.30pm (3.5h)

10mins: Morning recap
75mins: Post-lineage yoga in a nutshell
15mins: Mini-practice: Trauma informed yoga nidra
5mins: Comfort break
75mins: Epistemology, ontology, axiology
30mins: Quiz + Q+A

Learning Outcomes:
Participants will be able to understand and explain all the ways in which tradition serves us (including inquiry, resilience, equanimity, discipline)
Participants will be able to speak more confidently to major and relevant historical, cultural and scientific changes in the understanding of yoga
Participants will be able to reflect more confidently on contemporary research as it is published
Participants will understand the foundations of their own beliefs and ideas about knowledge
Participants will understand the landscape of diversity in beliefs and ideas about knowledge in those around them
Participants will have experience of new teaching tools that facilitate the more accurate and honest sharing of research

Theo Wildcroft
As most of us are now aware, between the pre-modern and modern era many aspects of teaching yoga radically evolved. But one of the most important changes is the least understood: the widespread assumption of practicing side by side. What does it mean for us to practice together? What does it change? What is hidden in the transmission of practice from one body to another?

Theo Wildcroft is a practitioner, teacher, and researcher of contemporary yoga, whose recent work has profound implications for understanding the diversity of possible experiences of asana and pranayama, but also bhakti, seva and meditation. Her teaching explores as yet unpublished findings, and ranges from the neuroscientific to the cultural and political sphere, grounding each aspect of theory in practical exploration. Much has been written on the inner experience of the practice. Too seldom have we asked ourselves what happens when we attempt to share this deeply personal experience with others.

Theo’s teaching aims to be fully accessible and inclusive, discussion-led, community-focused, and sensitive to the needs of vulnerable, traditionally excluded and neuro-diverse populations. Please contact us to discuss any specific or additional needs.

Contact details

Hiddn Kitchn Street @ Tap Social Movement
Aug 10 @ 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Hiddn Kitchn Street @ Tap Social Movement | Oxford | United Kingdom


“bringing the back streets of Beirut to the forefront”

Summer Sound, Art and Yoga Weekend Retreat @ Iffley Village Church Hall
Aug 10 @ 9:00 pm – Aug 11 @ 6:00 pm
Summer Sound, Art and Yoga Weekend Retreat @ Iffley Village Church Hall | England | United Kingdom

A weekend retreat to fully immerse into the exploration of sound, silence, stillness, movement and creativity. Laura Hancock has invited Suzanne and Laura to join her in facilitating a journey of discovery and holding spaces and opportunities for creative and intuitive expression by drawing from their unique experiences of yoga, meditation, sound circles and art.

The Moon Sequence and Yoga Nidra:
The weekend will start with a guided yoga practice – the Moon Sequence. A grounding, strengthening and nurturing vinyasa flow, that Laura H has been fully immersed in and practicing regularly since 2010. The basic structure of the set sequence is taught with enough repetition and guidance for students to become familiar with the movements, allowing for a more subtle awareness of the body. Once this confidence is established, a more spacious approach is offered, allowing students to really listen and respond to their own unique needs and innate wisdom. Students are invited to move at their own pace and discover for themselves a vibrant practice that may be subtle and gentle one moment, and expressive and dynamic in another. Throughout the weekend subtle awareness of the body will be further explored through somatic movement and the deeply nourishing and restful experience of Yoga Nidra. Laura has been teaching yoga and offering Ayurvedic massage therapy in Oxford since 2012. www.ayurvedacorner.co.uk

Sounding Circle:
Laura is a student of The Naked Voice led by Chloe Goodchild and has been exploring sound and voice as a spiritual practice for 8 years. She is also an Integral Yoga teacher and loves to chant. She will join us to facilitate an exploration into sound, silence and the boundaries between. We will begin with some grounding songs and chants in Sanskrit and English and then entering a flow of silence and sound with freedom to share your own songs, poems and thoughts between intervals of silent reflection. We will end with free sounding together creating a space for a meditative weaving between the internal and external voice. Laura runs a local sounding circle at the Ark T centre. Her openness, warmth and ability to encourage such an uplifting and heart-opening expression of sound is not to be missed: .http://www.ark-t.org/sounding-circle-2/

Suzanne is an inspiring and well-respected local artist/art facilitator and dedicated yoga practitioner. She studied at the Royal Academy of Art Schools in London, and gained her PGCE to teach adults at Oxford Brookes. She has put this to use facilitating art workshops for Crisis Skylight, Fusion Arts, Reading College and Modern Art Oxford’s Art Trolley. For the retreat she will be facilitating an art workshop that focuses on an intuitive painting process that invites us all to explore and reawaken the uninhibited creative natures within. Her sensitive and intuitive approach encourages self-acceptance and a real sense of freedom in expression.
Examples of her work can be seen here: https://suzannelizette.com/artists-statement/

A vegetarian lunch will be provided on the Saturday, and teas and healthy snacks will be available throughout.

All levels are welcome 🙂

Where: Iffley Village Church Hall, OX4 4EJ.
When: 9.30 – 6 pm Saturday 10th August; and 1 – 6 pm 11th August.
What to bring: yoga mat, cushion, blanket and water.
How much: £130. A non-refundable deposit of £40 is required to secure a place, to be paid via bank transfer. (sort code – 08-92-86; account number – 14276202)

Concessions available upon request.

For queries please email: laura@ayurvedacorner.co.uk

L xx

Moving with Words: A Yoga and Creative Writing Workshop with Elizabeth Garner & Alessandro Gozzi @ YogaVenue
Oct 12 @ 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Moving with Words: A Yoga and Creative Writing Workshop with Elizabeth Garner & Alessandro Gozzi @ YogaVenue | England | United Kingdom

As human beings we are meant to tell stories: to entertain and also to understand our own experiences. We are also meant to delight in movement. This workshop will combine Yoga and creative writing to free up creativity through the process of connecting body and mind.

Expect an interspersed series of exercises exploring movement and words. We will be looking at how to balance playfulness with concentration to develop our creativity both on the page and in the world.

As a follow-up to the workshop there will be the opportunity to submit a short piece of your own writing to Elizabeth for personal feedback.

No previous experience necessary – just a willingness to experiment and explore.

Times: 2 – 5.30pm. There will be a short break part way through the workshop for tea and vegan cakes

Level: All levels welcome, no experience in writing or Yoga required.

Fee: £40

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is an award-winning author. She teaches Creative Writing at Oxford University and also has 20 years’ experience as a story-development editor in feature film and fiction publishing. As the arts trustee of The Blackden Trust, she has developed inter-disciplinary events, focused on combining creativity and research skills to produce work, rooted in history and tradition, that speaks to the modern world.

About Alessandro

Alessandro has been practising Yoga for over 25 years. He completed his training in 2007 at Jivamukti Yoga with founders David Life and Sharon Gannon, and has gone on to train with Laughing Lotus Yoga School in New York, and in Restorative Yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater. Alessandro is a senior teacher registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, and is the co-founder of YogaVenue and the Spiralling Crow Teacher Training School.
Alessandro teaches classes that are physically demanding, mentally stimulating with the intention to affect heart, head and spirit. Emphasizing gracefulness, concentration, attention to detail, safety and laughter, he aims to inspire others to explore the edge of their potential and push the limits of who they are as individuals. Alessandro is particularly interested in how yoga can support us in our daily life. Alessandro draws from a background in competitive endurance sports, Aikido, Shiatsu, as well as injury, sickness and dis-ease. He has been an Aikido teacher for many years.

Hot HIIT Flow Intensive Teacher Training with Caroline Gozzi @ YogaVenue
Nov 21 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Hot HIIT Flow Intensive Teacher Training with Caroline Gozzi @ YogaVenue | England | United Kingdom
Learn to teach Hot HIIT Flow

Our Hot HIIT Flow Training is a course for Yoga instructors interested in teaching a cardio based type of Hot Yoga. Our Hot HIIT Flow classes bring together all the benefits of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Yoga in a hot room. To find out more about our HIIT classes click here.

This intensive course is taught over 4 days. During the course students will how to combine HIIT with Yoga, and the dynamics of teaching in a heated environment and the asanas that work best with a HIIT style class. At the completion of the training course, you will be given a Hot HIIT Flow sequence to enable you to teach Hot HIIT right away.


What is HIIT and how does it work?

In this section we will cover how to develop HIIT workouts that support a Yoga practice, build internal strength and boost cardio activity, including:

  • What is high intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Learn HIIT movements, techniques and modifications
  • Learn about HIIT timings and techniques for setting time and rest periods
  • Practise HIIT

The dynamics of teaching HIIT in a hot room

Our Hot HIIT Flow class is specifically designed for the hot environment, although it is completely fine to teach this class in an environment that is not heated if you wish. In this section we will cover the considerations of the hot room, including:

  • The history of Hot Yoga
  • What is Hot Power Flow Yoga
  • Selecting optimal heat levels
  • Hot Yoga health and safety issues
  • The Do’s and Don’ts for teaching Hot Yoga
  • Preparing yourself and students for teaching/practising Hot Yoga

How to sequence a Hot HIIT Flow class

Students will learn to design a class specific to a heated environment and how this affects the body. We will show you how to design a class, including:

  • Frameworks for class sequencing
  • Appropriate asanas that compliments HIIT
  • How to create and maintain a flow between HIIT movements and Yoga asana
  • Appropriate breath for HIIT and Hot Yoga
  • Optimal class timings
  • Teaching technique
  • How to teach to music

Learn to teach our Hot HIIT Flow class

Students will receive YogaVenue’s Hot HIIT Flow class sequence, as well as a comprehensive understanding of our teaching practice and methods for Hot HIIT Flow. We will spend a significant amount of time during the training gaining practical experience of how to teach the class and also practising the class.

Practical Teaching Experience
Practice is important in learning how to teach anything new. A significant amount of time will be spent practising how to teach a Hot Power Flow class. At the end of the course you will have the confidence and knowledge to teach your first How Power Flow class.


A minimum of 200hr Yoga Teacher Training qualification

Course Schedule

Thursday 21st November – Sunday 24th November, 9am – 5pm

Course Location

This training takes place at YogaVenue, 2 Avenue Lane, Oxford, OX4 1YF

Tuition Investment and application

Course investment:

£345 (10% discount for Spiralling Crow 200hr & 250hr graduates)

To apply for our next Hot HIIT Flow training, please email training@yogavenue.co.uk.

Spiralling Crow Teaching Faculty

The Spiralling Crow trainings are led by the course directors Caroline and Alessandro Gozzi.

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