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04 Jul 2020


10:30 am - 5:00 pm



“Pool Party” Exhibition at Sarah Wiseman Gallery

4th July – 1st August
Monday 10-4pm / Tuesday-Saturday 10-5.30pm

Sarah Wiseman Gallery is delighted to announce the summer exhibition ‘Pool Party’, inspired by life at the poolside – whether that’s the urban glamour of Los Angeles or a local British lido.

‘We felt the need to let our hair down this summer,’ says gallery director Sarah Wiseman. ‘Art that explores a lovely sun-soaked theme seemed very appealing.’ She continues: ‘It’s also interesting to note that outdoor swimming is growing more popular in recent years, along with people’s appetite for more varied leisure pursuits. We’re especially interested in the idea of swimming and pools and that alluring, sparkling light contrasted with an urban backdrop.’

Pool Party artists include Henrietta Dubrey, Patsy MacArthur, Anna Marrow, Bonnie and Clyde, Dan Parry Jones and Veronica Wells are all set to show new works inspired by a summer spent poolside. Visitors can expect to see an exhibition filled with clean lines, bright colour and dazzling light.

Bonnie and Clyde
Exhibiting at Sarah Wiseman Gallery for the first time, Steph Burnley – who is known as ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ – uses a blend of architecture, street signage and coastal life as central themes. Drawing on an archive of her own photography, Bonnie and Clyde’s seductive imagery plays on the irresistible allure and eccentric character of world-famous coastal cities such as Venice Beach, Havana and Santa Monica.

Henrietta Dubrey has created a collection inspired by ‘fashionable Slim Aarons type infinity swimming pools on the Côte d’Azur, stunning outdoor lidos, and secret freshwater pools hidden far from prying eyes in this era of Instagram and mobile phone connectivity.’ For this exhibition, she has reflected on her own recent discovery of out-door swimming, as well as the natural pools that form in the rocky shores and moorlands of her Cornwall home.

Dan Parry-Jones has recently been inspired by a recent trip to L.A, and the rest of the US West Coast, and the striking juxtaposition of concrete, water and mountains. Vivid, high contrast imagery layered with softer sherbet shades, describing the warm, electric atmosphere of a high-octane city.

Sarah Wiseman Gallery will introduce the Bristol-based artist Anna Marrow. Anna makes surprising, sometimes humorous or alarming images by combining mundane objects and environments with exotic creatures and characters. Working primarily in printmaking, she silkscreens high divers contrasted with glittering water-surfaces and vintage signage.

Patsy McArthur
Brighton-based figurative painter Patsy McArthur investigates the otherworldliness of being under water. She says ‘with these paintings, I am trying to create a place that the viewer can really feel; a place with a temperature and a sensation of suspension and weightlessness. The larger the scale of the work, the greater the feeling of immersion for the viewer.’

Veronica Wells
Veronica Wells draws her influences from popular culture, examining images that portray an idealised way of life. Fashion, material possessions, image, style and relationships are all explored enticing the viewer into her world. Mixing rough and broad brushstrokes with finer, more intricate details, Veronica Wells paintings questions ideas of perfection.

E-catalogue: Sarah Wiseman Gallery will produce a fully illustrated e-catalogue just prior to the exhibition launch. There you can read more information on each artist, preview all available works and place reservations. Email us here to request a link: info@wisegal.com

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