Digital Communications Workshop @ Aspire Oxford
May 30 @ 9:30 am – 1:00 pm
Digital Communications Workshop @ Aspire Oxford | England | United Kingdom

If you feel like your marketing and communications is a bit all over the place, inconsistent, or it’s just not at the level you think it could be – then this Comms planning workshop might be what you’re looking for.

Helping you “bring the pieces of your brand together”, Communications consultant, Aisha (Skippy) Kellaway from Scarlet Roo, will take you through an interactive small group workshop to ensure you have the foundations in place to build a cohesive brand communications plan.

What you can expect:

  • Spend time unravelling the “Why” behind your business and start crafting your business’ values, origin story and brand positioning – you’ll have a chance to pitch it to the group for feedback. We’ll focus on the substance of your business, the underlying foundations that will lead to brand loyalty – rather than just “what you do”.
  • Develop clear audience profiles, focusing on core motivation and emotional goals over demographics
  • Think about what non-competitive companies/people could be brand amplifiers/champions — helping spread the word or refer you business
  • Define key messages that will resonate with each of your audiences
  • Understand which credibility factors are going to be most important to your audiences, and reflect on your current marketing to see what actions and quick wins you can take to build trust
  • Set the foundations for a tactical comms plan: Assess your current communications channels and consider new ones, challenging why you’re using them, which audience is it reaching, and how effective is it at communicating your key messages*.
  • Based on your goals, set clear KPIs and decide on what metrics are important for each marketing channel, so you can measure how effective your marketing is moving forwards.

*Additional tactical support will be available through the Indie Oxford team.

Vest-Top Makers Sewing Workshop *PRINT WEEK* @ Oxford Alterations
Jun 1 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Vest-Top Makers Sewing Workshop *PRINT WEEK* @ Oxford Alterations | United Kingdom

Our second Makers Sewing Workshop of 2019, make your own bespoke vest top from a curated selection of natural printed fabrics from contemporary haberdashery, Merchant and Mills.

This workshop will carefully guide six makers through the process of crafting their own vest-top, with a curated range of natural printed fabrics from contemporary Haberdashery, Merchant and Mills.

Oxford pattern maker Christine Eady has created a simple, versatile pattern suitable for everyone from absolute beginners to experienced makers.

Makers have a choice of 3 luxurious fabrics and work in pairs under the guidance of two dedicated staff to help you cut and sew your own bespoke vest top.

Makers leave with their own bespoke vest-top, paper pattern and the skills to make a wardrobe full of their own designs!

Lunch is provided by our local independent deli in the form of Iranian Mezze, so do let us know if you have any dietary requirements or food allergies beforehand.

This series of maker’s workshops offer attendees a unique opportunity to learn traditional skills in contemporary surroundings under the expert guidance of industry professionals. Book a place on this upcoming workshop!

Intelligent weight-loss for smart, busy women over 40 and beyond by Suné @ The Practice Rooms
Jun 1 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Intelligent weight-loss for smart, busy women over 40 and beyond by Suné @ The Practice Rooms | England | United Kingdom

I help smart, busy women over 40, to lose weight, have more energy and experience an overwhelming sense of well-being.

Discover the ‘Invisible forces of weight gain’ and the REAL reasons why smart, busy women struggle to lose weight.

Do you have the time or headspace to sift through another pile of glossy diet books and ‘wellness’ magazines?

If you’ve tried everything to shift that last bit of weight, or if you are struggling to maintain a happy weight and feel frustrated, exhausted and defeated, I get you!

As a nutritionist I know all about the fads, the supplements and juicing regimes but have come to understand that there are just THREE thingsthat have helped me keep my weight and health stable for years.

I’ve just moved to Oxford from London where I worked with hundreds of amazing women just like you through groups, personalised programmes and at my practice on Harley Street and I’m excited to share with you how to get real, lasting results without silly diets, calorie counting or complicated meal plans.

I’ll help you understand how to shift the weight, how you perceive yourself and give you the tools to take control back from food.

I look forward to learning more about YOU and our discussion together. Space is strictly limited, so let me know how many friends you’ll be bringing!


PS. This is not a magic diet or supplement sales pitch. It’s a fundamental approach to weight, self-care, and self-worth that will change the way you think about food and your body forever!

250 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Professionals Accredited) with Alessandro Gozzi @ YogaVenue
Jun 8 @ 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
250 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Professionals Accredited) with Alessandro Gozzi @ YogaVenue | England | United Kingdom
Learn to teach Yoga with the senior teachers at YogaVenue.
Our 250 hour course accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK is one of the few internationally recognised intensive Vinyasa teacher trainings that focus on providing you with a practical foundation in Yoga over 250 hours.
You will develop an understanding of the frameworks and building blocks of sequencing classes. While the course covers the essential Yoga knowledge of Asana, Pranayama, transitions, sequencing, philosophy, anatomy and energetics, equal importance is placed on developing your teaching style, and voice.
Part one: Thursday 6th June – Sunday 9th June
Part two: Thursday 20th June – Sunday 23rd June
Part three: Thursday 4th July – Sunday 7th July
Part four: Monday 22nd July – Saturday 3rd August
FEE: £3250
For more information visit our website
To apply email
Thai Cookery School @ The Social Watlington
Jun 14 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Thai Cookery School @ The Social Watlington | England | United Kingdom

Learn how to cook authentic Thai food in a relaxed and fun environment! In this introduction to Thai cooking you will be taught to cook complete dishes from scratch using traditional techniques. This fun evening is the ideal way to enjoy an authentic Thai culinary experience.
£75 per person
Included in the evening is:
A fully hands on experience in a small group (maximum of 12 people)
All ingredients – the ingredients used are always high quality and where possible locally sourced. Although we use some specialist Thai ingredients, we also adapt to ingredients available in the UK so that you can re-create the dishes at home
Complimentary wine or beer to accompany your dishes
Recipe booklet to take home

Elemental Practice: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind + Space with Anna Ashby @ YogaVenue
Jun 15 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Elemental Practice: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind + Space with Anna Ashby @ YogaVenue | England | United Kingdom
We are excited to welcome back Anna Ashby to YogaVenue for her second workshop.
Elemental: 1. forming an essential or typical feature; fundamental. 2.related to or embodying the powers of nature.

While it may seem that yoga practice in modern times draws attention to the physical form, as practitioners we all know that the end result of practice promises far more than that. In fact, a simple effective yoga practice can result in a deeply felt sense of integration and balance free from the grip of internal stress whether mental or physical. In other words, yoga practice is liberating – a goal that is consistent throughout the tradition.

So how can we dive deep into the fundamental essence of practice and unlock a direct experience of inner freedom and fullness of being? One way is by exploring embodiment through conscious enquiry using the lens of the elements: earth, water, fire, wind + space; we can directly experience that very essence which enlivens and unifies through invoking the power of the elements as fundamental aspects of nature of which we are part.

Utilising the different senses of perception related to the elements, this workshop explores postural practice through the felt sense of these elements and draws upon bīja mantras associated with them to invoke their specific and fundamental qualities. The afternoon includes āsana, chanting of mantras, prāṇayāma + meditation.

Suitable for all levels

Time: 2-5pm

Fee: £40

About Anna

Anna Ashby is an experienced senior teacher at triyoga. Her dedicated training in alignment based yoga systems and in dance, combined with her love of movement and philosophy results in a unique approach to yoga that invites enquiry, exploration and full experience. Her teaching reflects a subtle intelligence focusing on precision and alignment in the expression of āsana. Her direct experience of the yoga tradition while spending 12 years in an Ashram in up state New York underpins her teaching with a practical understanding of yoga philosophy. She is a founder and senior faculty member of triyoga’s teacher training programme and holds the highest level of certification from Yoga Alliance both in the UK and in the US (Senior Teacher/E-RYT 500). For more information about Anna’s schedule visit her website

Yoga Anatomy (For Yoga teachers, trainees, fitness professionals & interested Yogis) with Dr Lori Zucker @ YogaVenue
Jun 20 @ 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Yoga Anatomy (For Yoga teachers, trainees, fitness professionals & interested Yogis) with Dr Lori Zucker @ YogaVenue | England | United Kingdom
Improve your understanding of how the body works in Yoga. Perfect for Yoga Teachers (as an introduction or refresher) and/or enthusiasts from any discipline looking to deepen their anatomy & physiology knowledge.
From an anatomy point of view, yoga is guided and aligned movement. In this course, Dr Lori Zucker will lead us into the anatomy and physiology of yogic movement.
Over the 2 days, we will break down the anatomy of the body to promote a better understanding of yoga asana. There will be an emphasis on alignment, using specific muscle techniques to facilitate asana, and linking anatomy and physiology to a yoga practice. The movement into asana sets up the asana itself so aligning the movement correctly is vital to developing the asana.
This course will go into the relationships between these elements and how they work together:
  • Bones and Boney Landmarks
  • Joint and Joint movement into Asana
  • Muscles
  • Muscle Groups and Muscle movement
  • and the ideas around Core Strength, Ligaments, Tendons, Cartilage, Fascia, Biological Systems and Injuries.
Dates and Times
Thursday 20th June & Friday 21st June 8.30am – 5.00pm
Fee: £125.00
Yoga Anatomy & What is Yoga (Yoga Philosophy with Paul Steinberg) Double Package: £165.00
All levels welcome
About Dr Lori Zucker
A Doctor of Physical Therapy, Lori is a clinician and adjunct professor at Rutgers University, USA. Lori is also the lead A&P trainer for the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training Programme internationally.
As a clinician, Lori blends traditional physical therapy practice with yoga to provide a holistic approach to rehabilitation. A certified yoga teacher and yoga practitioner, she regularly advises yoga professionals on anatomical alignment, injury prevention, and asana modifications.
What is Yoga? The Philosophy & History of Yoga with Paul Steinberg @ YogaVenue
Jun 22 @ 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
What is Yoga? The Philosophy & History of Yoga with Paul Steinberg @ YogaVenue | England | United Kingdom
Learn about the history of Yoga and how modern Yoga has evolved. Perfect for Yoga Teachers and/or enthusiasts looking to deepen their knowledge.
In this 2 day course, we will look at the history of Yoga and how modern Yoga has evolved. We will look at how Yoga is both the goal and the practice and how the different philosophies on Yoga take us towards these ends. By understanding this better we can, as teachers and students, begin to develop themes and rationales for our practice and our classes. The Philosophical frameworks set out here will help you develop as a teacher. Paul will also introduce us to Sanskrit. He will focus on pronunciation and the names of Asana’s and how to pronounce them properly.
Dates and Times:
Saturday 22nd June – Sunday 23rd June 8.30am – 5.00pm
Fee: £75.00
Combined package with Anatomy in Yoga £165.00
All levels welcomed
About Paul Steinberg
Paul came to yoga in 2005. After exploring several other styles of yoga practice, he found Jivamukti Yoga and its creators, Sharon Gannon and David Life, who became his teachers. In 2008 he became a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, and since then he has immersed himself full time in the teachings and practice of yoga, as well as the study of two forms of energy healing—BioGeometry and Matrix Energetics. In addition to teaching and energy healing, Paul has spent 6 years working closely with Sharon and David as their editor and advisor, which enabled him to deepen his understanding and commitment to the practice of yoga and its goal, the realization of enlightenment, or deep and lasting peace and contentment.
Brush Pen Lettering Workshop with Illyboo Designs @ The Kidlington Centre
Jun 22 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Brush Pen Lettering Workshop with Illyboo Designs @ The Kidlington Centre | England | United Kingdom

Have you ever wanted to try out brush pen lettering? Do you want to know how to create beautiful writing for any occasion? Then this is the workshop for you!

Why not come join me for a morning of brush lettering at Artisans of Oxford, a new creative pop up shop in Kidlington. The class will be hosted by me, Illyahna Johnson of illyboodesigns.

This workshop is a fun introduction for those interested in calligraphy, using pens and brushes, instead of nibs and ink. This form of calligraphy is quick, simple, can be done anywhere and gives you more creative license with your lettering.

The 2 hour workshop will include:

  • An introduction on how to use your calligraphy tools
  • Warm up exercises and practice strokes
  • Forming individual letters
  • Developing your own alphabet in your own style
  • Creating words and phrases

It’s hands on and practical, with lots of one-to-one support offered throughout. I aim to give you lots of practical tips to take your creative lettering to new heights.

As part of the workshop you’ll receive the below, which are yours to keep, to help get you started!

  • Tombow duel brush pen
  • Practice booklet

Light refreshments will be available.

Business Workshop: How to succeed on LinkedIn @ Jury's Inn Oxford
Jun 25 @ 9:45 am – 12:30 pm
Business Workshop: How to succeed on LinkedIn @ Jury's Inn Oxford | England | United Kingdom

LinkedIn is the biggest professional network in the world and in the UK alone there are 25m users. It’s the best place to target professionals, particularly senior decision makers, which means it’s the most effective platform for B2B brands.

In this session, I will cover how the platform works, who uses it and why and why you should prioritise it for your brand. You will learn how the algorithm works. Finally, I will teach you the right strategy to succeed on LinkedIn.

You will be provided with best practice examples for your industry/similar industries so you can spend time reflecting on what good looks like, what this means for your strategy, what you are doing wrong and what you need to do more of.

You will come out of this session with simple tips you can implement right away and a clear understanding of how your strategy needs to evolve.

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