The Four Contemplations with Cat Alip-Douglas

June 30, 2018 @ 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm
2 Avenue Ln
Oxford OX4 1YF
Yoga Venue
The Four Contemplations with Cat Alip-Douglas @ YogaVenue | England | United Kingdom
The Four Contemplations: These can also be viewed as the facts of life and how they can facilitate a movement towards awakening from the sleep of ignorance and delusion. What is the “ignorance” referred to in Buddhist teachings? How does cultivating awareness of the four reminders enable us to overcome the “delusion”? This workshop is a starting point.(precious human existence, impermanence, karma-cause and effect, samsaric suffering)

The asana element will focus on an all around balanced practice with techniques to deepen some of the seemingly routine movements. Be prepared to work hard and still find the joy in it!

This workshop is suitable for all levels, however some Yoga experience is recommended.

About Cat Alip-Douglas: The Journey from Condé to Sangyé
From the fashion floors of Condé Nast in New York to the wooden floors of Sangyé Yoga School (Jivamukti Affiliate London), Cat had officially traded in her Manolo Blahniks for a more ‘grounded’ approach to life…in bare feet.

Cat is originally from New York City and has been calling London home since spring 2004. She feels very privileged and grateful to have been involved with the previous incarnation of Sangyé Yoga School (Jivamukti Yoga London) since its inception and manifestation in 2005. With sincere love and respect, she thanks Manizeh and Danny Rimer for always seeing the best in her and providing the opportunity to serve students in different roles.

If titles bear any significance for some sort of credibility: Advanced Certified Teacher (Jivamukti), Senior Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance UK) and Co-Director of Sangyé Yoga School in London alongside Phil.

LOVE & GRATITUDE: the husband and the best friend ever phil, the parents, the teachers – all of them, the students & the notorious biggie smalls…lastly, this life for all it has introduced thus far.


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