Eastern Mediterranean Vegetarian

September 6, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Restore Garden Cafe
Manzil Way
Oxford OX4 1YH
Sophie's Cookery School
Eastern Mediterranean Vegetarian @ Restore Garden Cafe | England | United Kingdom

From Greece through Turkey, all the way round to the shores of Israel, the basics of daily fare are luscious vegetables, sustaining beans and lentils, salty cheeses and of course, the best olive oil. In this class well be embracing the likes of Aleppo-style ful (beans) with tahini and chilli, Lebanese spinach and sumac pastries, baked  spinach eggah , grilled marinated halloumi swaddled in aubergine, Turkish slow-braised runner beans with tomato and olive oil, or the brides soup – ezo gelin corbasi, red lentil, bulgur and mint.

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