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Steve & Heather Ash currently manage around 40 hives in 6 different apiaries, all in beautiful countryside with a good mix of woodland, fields with set-aside and generous hedgerows. All the hives are within 5 miles of the picturesque village of Warborough in South Oxfordshire.

The main aim is to intervene with the bees as little as possible, to harness the incredible energy of colony growth in the spring, to leave more than enough honey for the bees to over-winter, and to deal with swarms as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You can find Warborough Honey in Hamblin and Pompette, and it’s also available to order from Cultivate. Contact Steve for local delivery in Warborough and surrounding villages.

Read the story behind Warborough Honey on the Independent Oxford blog. Steve also gives talks about the life of bees. Get in touch to book him as a speaker.

Warborough Honey Oxford

I love the connection with nature, the weather, plants, other animals and of course the honey bees, but all bees are special. I really enjoy working with farmers who are making a difference to ensure great diversity on their land, and I particularly enjoy talking to other people about all and any of this, hopefully to inspire, or maybe just to entertain..

– Steve Ash, owner

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