Wandering to Wonder Oxfordshire
Wandering to Wonder Oxfordshire
Wandering to Wonder Oxfordshire




Lynne is a coach and nature lover based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Lynne is passionate the we can all create lives that feel true to us, through knowing ourselves deeply and making decisions based on our intuition. From her career in the NHS and the charity sector, she knows how powerful it is to truly be alongside someone, and is skilled at non-judgemental, gentle enquiry to support a deeper level of self-awareness. She provides a safe space to reflect, getting clear on what it is we really want, what might be stopping us, and how we can move through this to make lasting, transformational changes. For all of us, nature provides an environment to slow down, breathe and savour some of the simple beauty all around us. Lynne advocates for a slower approach to life so that we can find joy in the ordinary and move off autopilot into authenticity.

Check out Anna’s IGTV chat with Lynne over on the Independent Oxford Instagram, and Lynne’s tips for discovering your core values on the Independent Oxford blog.

Wandering to Wonder Oxfordshire

I love living in Oxfordshire because I really feel like I’ve ‘grown up’ here from moving to Oxford when I was 18. It’s such a vibrant place with so much going on, whether that’s in the culture packed towns and city, or the beautiful countryside, and I still enjoy finding nooks and crannies of the county I haven’t explored yet.

– Lynne Davies-Craine, Owner

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