Wonky Food Oxford relishes
Wonky Food Oxford relishes
Wonky Food Oxford relishes




The Wonky Food Company was started in 2017 by a team of passionate foodies, committed to tackling food waste. Their range of delicious relishes are made from imperfect and surplus fruit & veg, sourced from local farmers. Their mission: to tackle the global problem of food waste and encourage everyone to value more and waste less.

Find out about Wonky’s mission on the Independent Oxford blog, and listen to the story of how the company was founded on S2 E4 of the Independent Oxford Podcast.

Wonky Food Oxford relishes

We love the satisfaction of running our business in our home town! Being part of Oxfordshire’s awesome local and independent business community keeps us motivated and inspired. We have big dreams for Wonky Food, but Oxfordshire will always be home!

-The Wonky Food Company Team

I love the wonky ethos – it’s so wrong that food is wasted just because it’s not perfect and Wonky is making a great stand against this. Their spicy red pickle is my favourite – just the right mix of taste and spice!

– Julie Macken, Neve’s Bees

Neve's Bees Oxfordshire
Wine Traders UK Oxfordshire

One of our heroes is The Wonky Food Company. They combine a brilliant idea (saving surplus fruit and veg from the landfill by turning it into delicious chutneys) with sustainability. Founder, Ashley Cavers, has helped us look at wine’s carbon footprint by experimenting with lighter glass and using rail as opposed to road. With little domestic production in the UK (relative to consumption) hauling wine from Australia (the biggest wine exporter to the UK) just can’t be a good idea!

– Michael Palij, Owner of Winetraders UK

Ashley, John and Laura are an inspiration to many businesses in Oxfordshire who are striving to make a greater positive impact on the environment. Their work to highlight the surplus food problem shines a light on broken food systems, and their solution to tackle it is a mighty tasty one!

– Rosie, Independent Oxford

Rosie Jacobs Indie Oxford
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