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The Oxford Soap Company is a local, family run business that designs and creates handmade soaps and cosmetics in Oxford’s iconic The Covered Market. They are best known for their popular zero waste items – soap bars and shampoo bars and as well as a range of reduced plastic packaged options on cosmetics such as shaving soap, moisturising lotion, hand cream, face cream, bath salts and body butters. All their products are made locally in Oxfordshire by founder, Ervin, who is committed to producing natural and environmental recipes.

Their shop, in The Oxford Covered Market, includes an open workshop which allows you to see the mixing, bonding and drying of products as you browse the shelves. For those after an even more personalised experience, private workshops are available where you can create your own products using a choice of ingredients for the ultimate bespoke creation.

The Oxford Soap Company features in the Christmas in our Wonderland campaign.

The Oxford Soap Company

Ervin loves being creative and making new recipes. His passion lies with traditional soap bars where he enjoys perfecting moisturising recipes designed for hard water areas, like Oxford, whilst being creative with colours, shapes, styles and oils. We are passionate about environmental sustainability ensuring that as our business grows, packaging is minimalist and carbon footprint kept low. Being part of the creative and environmentally driven Oxford community that supports indie businesses is incredible. The Covered Market is a local gem that we are very proud to be a part of.

– Emily Tomkys Valteri, Co-Owner

I love their products – I’ve recently converted to their shampoo bars and won’t be going back! Everything is so beautifully made and looks – and smells – lovely. I love seeing everything being made by hand, either in the shop or in videos shared online, and it really makes you feel connected to a local, family-run business.

– Sarah Jordan, YOU Underwear

Sarah Jordan YOU Underwear
Sarah Edwards

There are so many fantastic indie businesses to choose from, but The Oxford Soap Company is a particular favourite of ours – we love their products, packaging, branding and green credentials. Their solid shampoo bars and soaps are utterly gorgeous and are a real treat. A fabulous company with a superb range of products.

– Sarah Edwards, Owner of The Herberowe Candle Co.


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