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Smoke & Thyme Oxford
Smoke & Thyme Oxford


Smoke and Thyme is Oxford’s premiere nomadic supper club popping up to serve mouthwatering dishes around a communal table. Their most recent manifestation is an Autumn pop-up restaurant with a seasonal a la carte menu, running from September through November, which has been so wildly successful that it has already almost sold out.

Chef Jack Greenall was just a guy with a really expensive hobby until he accidentally became a pro chef after an old friend called him up to ask if he wanted to help run a pop up restaurant. Jack didn’t find out til six months later that he’d been supposed to talk him out of it.

With that experience under his belt and a stint at foodie mecca Borough Market, Jack formed Smoke and Thyme as both a blog and a supper club, where he was delighted and as surprised as anyone to quickly find himself with a growing kindle of supporters returning week after week to give feedback on his latest creations.

Smoke and Thyme Supper Club aspires to nothing less than serving the best food in Oxford, in a relaxed and intimate setting around a communal table.


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