Open Stage Arts Oxford drama class
Open Stage Arts Oxford drama class
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Open Stage Arts hosts drama and singing classes for adults that are designed to be fun, friendly and pressure free. Their instructors are Oxford-based actors, directors, singers and vocal coaches who want you to enjoy their craft as much as they do. They will use their knowledge and enthusiasm to bring out your creativity in a relaxed environment that never asks you to do anything you are uncomfortable with or unsure of. Open Stage Arts can also deliver drama workshops to your workplace, community group, event or networking meeting. Open Stage Arts also hosts the Creativity Found podcast, where Claire chats with artists from all disciplines who have found, or re-found, their creativity as adults.

Check out our IGTV with founder Claire and her interview on S2 E15 of the Indie Oxford podcast.

Claire Waite Brown Open Stage Arts Oxford

Running Open Stage Arts is such fun. I get to train my voice, sing, and learn new songs, then silly-arse around in drama with a bunch of fabulous ‘students’ and teachers. I love connecting with new friends in a unique, relaxed workshop format, and want to continue telling more and more people about the enjoyment and overall wellbeing benefits that can be gleaned from dabbling in theatre arts, without the pressure of actually putting on a show.

– Claire Waite Brown, Founder 

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