Holistic Health Oxford Acupuncture
Holistic Health Oxford Acupuncture
holistic health Oxford acupuncture


Opening Times

Monday: Dean Court Community Centre (community acupuncture, £17) – 10:00 – 13:00

Tues: Florence Park Community Centre (community acupuncture, £17) – 10:30-19:30

Weds: Abingdon Guildhall (community acupuncture, £17) – 10:30-18:30

Thurs: Florence Park Community Centre (community acupuncture, £17) – 10:30-19:30

Fri: Home Based (one-to-one sessions £30-£45)



Holistic Health offers acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle services to help people through a wide variety of physical and psychological challenges.

Check out our interview with Joe to find out more.

Joe Jennings

I love my work as I get to meet and help so many people from so many different backgrounds. It is always really touching to see peoples faces, so much more happy and relaxed, when they leave my clinic. I love being in Oxfordshire for the depth and warmth of the community.

– Joe Jennings, Owner


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