harriet elkerton
harriet elkerton
harriet elkerton


Harriet Elkerton’s objects, with their unassuming simplicity, are designed for living. Natural materials, plants and food play a key role in this lifestyle. Harriet’s functional objects are slip-cast porcelain, with unctuous glossy glazed interiors. Originating from paper, instability is established in the process, resulting in organic forms. Harriet sets up moments of unexpectedness, to get a handmade feel, an individuality, from repetition. Her decorative ware, displayed nestled amongst the functional, interrogates the purpose of tools and functional items. She combines found objects, with purpose-made porcelain additions. The inheritance of these objects is discernible in her functional vessels; there is a language of deliberate skill speaking through her work and a desire to keep visible the hand of the maker.

Words by Melody Vaughan | melodyvaughan.co.uk


Opening Times

Tuesday – Friday: 10.00 – 18.00


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