Harriet Coleridge Potter
Harriet Coleridge Potter
Harriet Coleridge Potter


Ewelme Pottery was started in 2001 by Harriet Coleridge. She makes a wide range of Ceramics for the house and garden.

Pots made of Limoges porcelain, thrown on the wheel, glazed with a variety of carbon trap shinos, decorated with wax, sang de boeuf and sprinklings of rose ash, ferociously reduced in a gas kiln. Gold lustre applied (sparingly) by brush and fired on at a lower temperature. Most of these pots are designed to be used: bowls, jugs, vases for wall and table, plates, shots etc. Also large pieces:
Jars 2 foot tall, bird baths, chargers, as well as tiled tables for the garden, chess boards and fish for the wall.
Stoneware pots fired in anagama kilns in France and Wytham Woods near Oxford. Anagama kilns are fired with wood for many days and nights. The fly ash, embers, flame and atmosphere combine to create dramatic and intense surfaces.


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