Eliza Jayne Jewellery birds
Eliza Jayne Jewellery pendant
Eliza Jayne Jewellery bears


Elizabeth is a designer-maker working from an Oxford-based workshop. After completing a foundation diploma in Art and Design in Oxford, she came away with an affinity for metal-work and ended up studying traditional silver smithing techniques as a hobby.

Her designing is steeped in the natural world, working to replicate the impression of movement of animals and birds in her pieces, using traditional techniques like intricate hand-piercing, etching, stone setting, and sawing cut-outs. She also takes inspiration from family photographs, memory, and heirlooms and is experimenting with the incorporation of photographs into her work. Using resin and etching techniques, she aims to encapsulate a moment in time to keep forever.

Elizabeth enjoys experimenting with textures, techniques and loves working with people on commission pieces.  She loves the process of designing and making things and always carries a sketchbook.

Eliza Jayne creations allow a memory to be captured, worn, and cherished.

All items are made with sterling silver.



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